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Oil Firing Technical Association

Recent changes in the regulation of oil storage mean that any replacement or new installation of a fuel tank is regulated under the building regulations. The penalties for getting it wrong can be very serious. Courts have new stronger powers for oil polluters, including unlimited fines. The clean up costs also fall to the polluter, which vary, dependant on the severity of the oil spill.

This is why you, as a customer, must make sure that you are receiving the best advice possible. We offer free no obligation quotations in respect of replacement tanks and are happy to offer advice. We check the condition of the oil storage tank when we carry out the annual boiler service, this way any problems can be detected early and dealt with before the headaches start!

As mentioned there are rules and regulations in respect of installation of oil storage tanks both domestic and commercial, which we as an OFTEC registered company have to abide by. All of the tanks that we install are backed by the manufacturers own 10 year guarantee.

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