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    Annual Servicing – from only

    Whether your boiler is one that we have installed, or one that you have had for years it is important to look after it properly. You wouldn’t think of running a car without regular servicing, and if you did, you wouldn’t be that surprised if things went wrong. It is exactly the same scenario with your boiler. This is why we give you a service reminder every year, so that you know when your boiler is due for its routine service.

    The annual service is carried out by one of our trained OFTEC or Gas Safe registered engineers, at a time that is convenient to you within our normal working day. Having an annual service will ensure the safe and efficient running of your boiler.


    In the unfortunate event that your boiler does break down we do endeavour to get to you within 24/48 hours. We carry a comprehensive range of all oil and gas fired boiler spares on our vans, which means that for 99% of all boiler breakdowns we attend, we are able to fix the problem and get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

    Power Flushing

    Do your radiators suffer from cold spots, even after you may have bled air out of them? If you feel that you are not getting the best from your central heating system it may be that there is a build up of grime on the inside of the radiator that is making your system work less efficiently. In many cases this can be overcome by carrying out a power flush.

    The power flush, or jet flush as it is sometimes known, is not a pressure based operation, as you may imagine. Instead a solution is pushed through the central heating system at a higher flow rate. The result is that it clears out the build up of lime scale and grime that can accumulate out of sight on the inside of your radiators. The result will increase the heat that you receive from your radiators without the cost or mess of replacing them.


    Why is commissioning important for the safe and efficient running of the boiler? To fulfil manufacturers guarantee requirements and for customer handover. As OFTEC and Gas Safe registered engineers we are able to carry out commissioning not only to our own installations but also to third party installations of oil and gas fired boilers and oil storage tanks – this effectively means that we are able to sign the job off. However, all things in life are never that simple and in order for us to sign off any installation, it must comply with current legislation and meet the necessary requirements of the building regulations. A certificate will be issued by our engineer to say that the installation has been either satisfactorily carried out or that further work is required. A successful installation will then need to be registered with the appropriate authorities for a further certificate to be issued for insertion into your home information pack.

    As from 1 June 2007 anyone selling their home must be able to produce a home information pack, which amongst other things will include details of any building work and installations that have been carried out together with warranties and guarantees.

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